Published Works



2018Fate Accompli: Murder in Quebec City, Bayeux Arts, Calgary
2012Insinuendo: Murder in the Museum, Bayeux Arts, Calgary (Reviews and comments sent on request)

Literary Short Stories

2021“The Old Man and the Schnook”, Tikkun Daily, July 26,
2021“Leopard”, The New Quarterly, Issue 157, Winter, pp. 94-98
2019“Crow’s Nest”, The Nashwaak Review, Vol. 40/41, No. 1, Fall/Winter 2018/19, pp. 81-90
2018“Time Flies”, The Prairie Journal,
2017“Gardening”, New Orphic Review, Vol. 20, No.1 Spring, pp. 32-40
2016“The Cue”, The Society, Vol. 13, St. Peter’s College, Muenster, SK, pp. 30-31
2015“The Girls Upstairs”, Grain Magazine, Vol. 42 No. 3, pp. 90-97
2014“Campcraft”, The Nashwaak Review, Vol. 32/33, No. 1, Summer/Fall 2014
2012“Knowing Home”, The Antigonish Review, No. 171, Fall, pp. 105-111

Mystery Short Stories

2017“Disaster Planning”, on-line, graduate seminar, Conservation and Collections Management, Museum Studies Program, New York University, NY.
2016“Disaster Planning”, The Whole She-Bang 3, (Anthology), Sisters in Crime, Toronto chapter (Nov. 2016)
2014“The Dead of Winter”, The Whole She-Bang 2, (Anthology), Sisters in Crime, Toronto chapter (Nov. 2014)



2019“Burning Questions for My Grandma”, Hamilton Arts & Letters on-line, Available from Hamilton Arts & Letters.

Personal Essays

2020“House of Slithering”, The Globe and Mail, First Person, July 3, p. A15. Available from the Globe and Mail.
2015“Cello-pause”, untethered, Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 18-19. Available from untethered.
2015“Small Jars, Big Gifts”, In Medias Res, St. Thomas Moore College, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Vol. 20 #2, Spring, 2015, p. 7. Available from In Media Res.


2014“Canadian Mysteries”, Mystery Readers Journal, Volume 30 Number 1. Available from Mystery Readers Journal.