A literary short story published in:
The Nashwaak Review, Vol. 32/33, No. 1, Summer/Fall, 2014

A ten-year-old girl at a 1960s summer camp is summoned to the Director’s cabin after staff figured she had pretended to go missing. The girl, Allie, is hoping the Director will send her to her Dad’s home, far away from “this stupid place”. Instead, the Director encourages her to enjoy being the loner she is, and to record what she sees in nature on the camp’s crafts room camera. The camp’s art counsellor, an individualist in her own right, encourages Allie–until Allie throws the camera at her.

A short excerpt:
“The cocoa was hot and Allie, eyes fixed on the camp director, slurped it tiny sip by sip while she still had it. She knew what was going to happen, she’d been given hell before.”