The Cue

A literary short story published in:
The Society, Vol. 13, St. Peter’s College, Muenster, SK, 2016, pp. 30-31

Rosemarie, even as a young teen, had her heart set on playing billiards. At the local library she read up on the game, not from manuals but novels. After reading Mansfield Park she decided, “I would become a librarian, live among books, and after work play snooker.” And she did, until one day, as she practiced in the local pool hall, her game was interrupted by Joe. He’d seen her playing alone and asked if she wanted someone to play against. Their games became fast and bold, but when her next shot proved difficult, so did Joe.

“The ball I needed to hit in the correct order was hidden by another, and I’d lose too many points if the wrong ball got sunk. I was “snookered”. I was figuring out my shot when, turning sideways to grab a tissue and sneeze, I saw Joe rifling through my purse.”