Publishing Curriculum Vitae

Miriam Lisa CLAVIR



2012 Insinuendo: Murder in the Museum, Bayeux Arts, Calgary (Reviews and comments sent on request)

Literary Short Stories

2015 “The Girls Upstairs”, Grain Magazine, Vol. 42 No. 3, pp. 90-97
2014 “Campcraft”, The Nashwaak Review, Vol. 32/33, No. 1, Summer/Fall 2014
2012 “Knowing Home”, The Antigonish Review, No. 171, Fall, pp. 105-111

Mystery Short Story

2014 “The Dead of Winter”, The Whole She-Bang 2, (Anthology), Sisters in Crime, Toronto chapter (Nov. 2014)


Personal Essays

2015 “Cello-pause”, untethered, Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 18-19
2015 “Small Jars, Big Gifts”, In Medias Res, St. Thomas Moore College, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Vol. 20 #2, Spring, 2015, p. 7


2014 “Canadian Mysteries”, Mystery Readers Journal, Volume 30 Number 1,



2002 (Authored) Preserving What is Valued: Museums, Conservation and First Nations, UBC Press, 2002


2003 Award for Outstanding Achievement, Conservation Category, Canadian Museums Association

Chapters and Contributions

2017 FORTHCOMING (co-author Ellen Pearlstein) “Museum Conservation” entry, International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, Wiley-Blackwell
2015 Coombes, Annie E. and Ruth B. Phillips, (Eds.) “Preserving the Physical Object in Changing Cultural Contexts”, The International Handbooks of Museum Studies: Museum Transformations, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., pp. 387-412
2009 “Conservation and Cultural Significance”, Principles of Conservation, (Eds. A. Richmond and A. Bracker) Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, London, pp.139-149

Chapters (Reprinted Articles)

2015 “First Nations Perspectives on Preservation and Museums,” in Preserving our Heritage: Perspectives from Antiquity to the Digital Age, Cloonan, Michele Valerie (Ed.), American Library Association Neal-Schuman
2013 Chapter 6, “Preserving What is Valued: Museums, Conservation and First Nations” (2002), reprinted in Historical Perspectives in Preventive Conservation, Sarah Staniforth (Ed.) Vol. 6., Readings in Conservation, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, 2013, pp. 26 -31
2011 “Preserving Conceptual Integrity: Ethics and Theory in Preventive Conservation”, Changing Views of Textile Conservation (Eds. M.M. Brooks and D.D. Easthop), The Getty Conservation Institute, L.A., pp. 627 -631
2011 “Preserving Conceptual Integrity: Ethics and Theory in Preventive Conservation”, Preventive Conservation in Museums (Ed. C. Caple) Leicester Readers in Museum Studies, Routledge, London, pp. 435 – 444


In my working career as a museum conservator I have had over twenty articles published or reprinted in professional journals or in professional on-line publications.