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It’s Published!

May 31, 2018

Fate Accompli: Murder in Quebec City, is now out! I’m dancing. It would horrify me if I really felt it was wonderful to see the full story of terrible murder in print. But I can say, wow, a puzzle concerning real archaeology and a fictional murder that can be bedtime reading; this I’m proud of. Here’s an article about Fate Accompli in BC Booklook:

Excerpt from Fate Accompli

May 28,2018

In this excerpt Berry, our protagonist, is being comforted by Daniel, her boyfriend; they’re trying to overcome the horrible day of the murder by chatting about anything else. They’re in his apartment, drinking Merlot, eating Brie, and talking.

“It’s hard not being part of the gang here,” I said. “Everyone knows everyone, you all have the same touchstones.”
“But your French is fluent. Maybe you can’t rap in French, but you do okay.” Daniel waited for my reaction, biting a smile, and continued with, “You’re making real progress, you know. You’re becoming as much a smart aleck in French as you are in English.”
How to change the subject without sarcasm? Daniel beat me to it, and more gently.
“Is it the people here who make you feel . . . more like a tourist?”
“No. Not here. In Montréal maybe, they’ve subtly made the point I’m not Québécoise. Even with my French. How do they know?”
Daniel’s lips moved without speaking while he considered what to say. “Your style’s, well, different. Of course, your dig clothes aren’t à la mode. But the running shoes? You have no other shoes for walking?”
The downside of being chic in Québec. Daniel had no idea what most women’s shoes felt like. Avoiding any argument, I said, “This cheese’s delicious.”
“I found it on Île d’Orléans.” Daniel matched my sidestep.
My gut clenched with images. The Brie on the dark ceramic plate, like slices of pale bits of fingers curling out of the dirt. The gaunt face of the man, come into town from Île d’Orléans to identify the body.

Fait Accompli Release This Month

May 11, 2018

I wanted to let you know that my second mystery novel, Fate Accompli: Murder in Quebec City, will be available in print and as an e-book later this month.
The novel continues Insinuendo: Murder in the Museum, but now Berry Cates has a new job in historic Quebec City, as a conservator on an archeological dig. For Berry, unfortunately, preserving historic collections leads to inescapable clues of a present-day murder, and if you’ve ever visited Quebec City or wanted to, I think you’ll understand why.

Fait Accompli Cover Is Complete

March 18, 2018

The design of the cover for Fate Accompli is now finished. I really want to thank its designer, Fred Granzow.

Fait Accompli cover picture